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Most Creative Wedding Invitation Ideas Ever

Wedding Invitation Ideas The wedding season is around the corner. A lot of planning and preparation goes in for a wedding, beginning months earlier. The wedding invitation cards need to be ready at the earliest. Many people have the commonly used wedding invites, but if you want to add that special personal touch to your wedding card, then you must be much more creative.

There are a number of invitation ideas that can blow you away with its creativity and uniqueness. Here are some of the most creative wedding invitation ideas ever. You are going to surely love these.

Info-graphic Invitation with your Love Story: Having your love story on the invite is such a beautiful way of portraying and announcing your wedding date. A number of couples choose to have their wedding invites in this form. Create the wedding invite as an info-graphic with vintage illustrations having the wedding details on the back. Fold the invite twice and fit it into a custom created envelope.

Polaroid Wedding Invitation: Have you ever thought of creating your wedding invite in the form of a retro Polaroid. It is one of the most unique ideas that you can possibly come across. While creating the invite you can include your couple snap, the wedding details, the RSVP card, the directions to the venue and other details that you would like to have, all on a Polaroid sleeve.

Engraved Wedding Card: How about being a little more artistic and having your wedding details engraved onto a clear acrylic sheet? Engraving on paper will not look too fancy; having it on an acrylic sheet makes it look more appealing. Have the envelope designed as well and you can print it using a digital printer. The final invitation will look just awesome.

Wedding Invite in the form of a Brochure: You can design your wedding invitation exclusively by having it in the form of a brochure. You can include your journey since the first time you met with glimpses of photos and a little detail. End the brochure with your wedding date and other details about the wedding. This makes a very personalized invitation. Doesn’t it sound cool?

Letterpress Coloured Printing Invites: How about painting your own wedding invites? Letterpress printing of your wedding cards in colour, makes it look really chic and beautiful. If you are tight on your budget, another option is to have the letterpress printing done in a single colour and then paint it using watercolours by yourself.

Balloon Wedding Invite: A balloon wedding invite seems much more fun. This is something couples do not do too often, so the invite is surely unique. The colour of the balloon can be as per your wedding theme colour and then you can have your wedding details imprinted on the balloon.

There are tons of unique invitation styles that you can choose from but the best one is always a personalized wedding invite. Although you may want your big day to be the best and different from the rest, remember your wedding invitation speaks volumes about the two of you. Hence, it is important to add that extra personal touch.